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Save Lives with your Spare Time

Minedforchange.org is a website enabling in-browser cryptocurrency mining for the purposes of Effective Altruism. The mined currency is automatically directed to high-impact charities, as identified by the GiveWell organisation.

This overcomes some of the traditional barriers to donation (more about this on our blog), and opens the door to borderless, transparent, accountable donation.

All funds raised go instantly and directly to the respective charity, with no third party or intermediary. Mined For Change does not take any fee!

The mining process is transparent, allowing anyone to verify the integrity of the process. We encourage independent inspection and verification! Read more.

Full user control of the miner, enabling you to start and stop, speed-up or slow-down according to your computing demands.

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About Us

Mined For Change was created out of the need for a better way to donate to important causes. As university students without credit cards, we found it more difficult than was necessary to work around international money transfers, exchange rates and bank fees.

Mined For Change solves these problems by allowing direct donations to the charities that matter. There are no bank fees, no processing fees, no exchange fees, no three day waits and no credit cards needed! The cryptocurrency mined is mined directly to the charities we support and anyone, anywhere in the world can start donating right now!

We further strive to fulfill the following self-imposed criteria of charitable donations as outlined by GiveWell:

  • Focus on a program with a low burden of proof and a strong track record.
  • Strong process for ensuring that cash is well-targeted and consistently reaches its intended targets.
  • Documented success in transferring a high portion of funds raised directly to recipients.
  • Standout transparency.

Of course, we acknowledge there is no such thing as a free lunch! The “payment” of the donation comes from the electricity you use to power your computer. Making a donation still requires the generous act of giving, whether that’s time, money, or - in this case - computing power! We just wanted to create a way to give that didn’t also involve paying a bunch of third parties.

Furthermore, through the power of transparent, distributed ledger technology, every charitable donor and recipient is able to track and trace the path of spending of their money.

Thomas Tumiel

Technical Lead

Thomas is responsible for the development of the site and the mining algorithm.

Jared Tumiel

Conceptual Lead

Jared came up with the early concept for MFC and communicates with charities, the public and the media.

Further down the line we hope to add the following features to Mined For Change:

  • More charities.
  • Payment tracking and thanking between donors and recipients.
  • Chrome and Firefox browser donations plugins.

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